In 2019, CHAOKE is positioned as a ‘global sanitary ware’, and we have prepared two carriages in parallel-based on the domestic market and expanding globally. "Looking at the world, CHAOKE must be a global company and must integrate into a broader supply chain strategy to improve its ability to respond to the trade needs of different countries and geopolitical changes.

From a global perspective, in the future, a number of world-class brands will be born in world-class countries such as China. Chinese ceramics and home manufacturing need a group of companies that can represent the country's image in the global market to participate in world business competition and cultural exchanges.

"CHAOKE began to prepare for the'going out'." Aiming at the globalization of the brand, CHAOKE uses VR technology to realize product visualization and three-dimensional live display, allowing the audience to feel the experience of the physical environment.

Accumulation for change in the cold winter

In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's economy, the Chinese government has proposed the "Belt and Road" development strategy. For CHAOKE, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. The challenge is that CHAOKE was previously based in China, and its business advantages are mainly in the domestic market. Compared with the domestic market, CHAOKE's international business advantages are not obvious; but there are many opportunities. CHAOKE has established an international layout based on trade relations in 68 overseas exporting countries, and CHAOKE already has the foundation for international expansion.

In 2021, CHAOKE will manage and integrate international business through a professional team. In 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic caused a greater impact on the world. In the face of being completely unable to go out, CHAOKE decided not to "wait for changes" and must first build a team. "

CHAOKE reorganized the product design department, operation department, and marketing department to build a structure and talent system compared with the domestic operation department. CHAOKE believes that only by enriching talents, and when the epidemic conditions permit, can it rapidly expand its business, closely follow the "Belt and Road" policy, and develop international business in the countries along the Belt and Road.

Post time: Jul-16-2021