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  • Chaoke sanitary ware website is updated

    Congratulations! Chaoke Sanitary Ware website is updated, and bring more latest designs for our dear customers.  You can find our products by different category or sort by the series.  For more convinient, you can download our full catalogue from the "DOWNLOAD" parts, ho...
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  • Chaoke puts forward the new brand concept of “humanized sanitary ware”

    With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards have gradually improved, and the era of consumption upgrade has also followed. At the same time, the increase in income also drives people to pursue a better and more comfortable bathroom life, whi...
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  • Chaoke, to be a world company

    In 2019, CHAOKE is positioned as a ‘global sanitary ware’, and we have prepared two carriages in parallel-based on the domestic market and expanding globally. "Looking at the world, CHAOKE must be a global company and must integrate into a broader supply chain strategy t...
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  • New trends in bathroom consumption Chaoke strives to break through

    The market is ever-changing, and in every period, there will be new trends. The brand will also make strategic adjustments as consumption trends change. The same is true for the bathroom industry. Experts pointed out that with the development of new urbanization, the Bel...
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